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4th February 2018
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4th February 2018
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*John Etchieson uncovers the full story of why the Ashaway line company used a swastika as its trademark.

*Clive Young reveals how he started his renowned tackle shop with just £30 and a lot of goodwill.

*Steve Brown on the very earliest days of striped bass fishing, the elite clubs devoted to catching the fish and the ground-breaking tackle.

*Neil Freeman, the founder of Angling Auctions, explains how he manages to work for just four days a year.

*Timothy Benn pays tribute to the late John Goddard, entomologist, inventor of fly patterns and genius fisherman.

*Research by John Essex discovers that far more books were written about competition fishing than he ever knew.

*John Price traces the rich history of one of the great Irish fishing hotels, Mount Falcon on the river Moy.

*Richard Large looks at the effect on anglers and the tackle trade of the First World War, and how some still fished through it.

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