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19th July 2017
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19th July 2017
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  • The man with the pipe is FA Michell-Hedges: adventurer, writer, explorer and possibly the worst liar to pick up a fishing rod. We try to sort face fromm fiction in a life story that culminated in him claiming discovery of Indiana Jones’ Crystal Skull.
  • The jewel in every Mitchell collector’s crown: an original first Mitchell. We tell you exactly how to identify a genuine one from a ‘Frankenstein’.
  • The sight of an auctioneer taking bids at a live sale could become a thing of the past if Lang’s decision to switch to an online auction proves a success.
  • Ghillie Gregor Mackenzie fished with David Niven and Sir Charles Forte. Graham Mole, who wrote Gregor’s biography, recalls his memories of the man.
  • John Wilson has arguably been the most watched angler in Europe. We review his autobiography, as well as books by Richard Walker and others.
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