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Keith Elliott

Editor and Publisher

Editor and publisher of Classic Angling magazine. Founder member of UK Angling Writers' Association and current chairman. Former winner of Writer of the Year. I wrote a weekly angling column for The Independent for 23 years, having previously written columns for The Guardian and Sunday Mirror.

If it swims, I'll fish for it: marlin or mackerel, trout or tench, salmon or snook.

I've written several books on fishing, from one for the Duke of Edinburgh's award to the notorious Catchmore Sharks (don't look at the pictures) and Bob Nudd's autobiography, How to be the World's Best Fisherman.

I love exotic travel for fishing (been to Mongolia and Ecuador, the Great Barrier Reef and Arunachal Pradesh) and wish I could afford to do such trips more often. My favourite fish? Anything with fins, though I have a special love for mahseer, and I’m Founder and former Chairman of the Masher Trust.

Keith Elliott's Angling Blog

2nd January 2013

Seal swims 50 miles upriver into lake

A seal has swum more than 50 miles (80km) along a river, crossing flooded fields to end up in a land-locked lake. Anglers who fish at […]
31st December 2012

Fly fisherman and tackle company owner John Goddard dies

One of the finest fly fishermen of the past century, John Goddard, has died aged 89. He travelled worldwide, from New Zealand to Norway, from South […]
15th December 2012

Nile perch adventure wins Guardian writing prize

A story about a trip to Uganda’s Murchison Falls has won Gary Almond first prize in The Guardian’s annual travel-writing awards. Gary took the prize, a […]
14th December 2012

Video of the week: 83lb mahseer from Cauvery

Well, looks like anglers won’t get the chance to catch fish like this any more, thanks to the stupid Indian ruling that there should be no […]
14th December 2012

Wild Scottish salmon get protected status

The term “wild Scottish salmon” is to get European protection. Doesn’t do a great deal for the fish itself, but it means that salmon caught in […]
11th December 2012

The best auction for exotic fishing trips

Three days chasing tarpon and snook at a top lodge in Costa Rica, five days’ big-game fishing in Madeira with accommodation and a week’s peacock bass […]
9th December 2012

The diary of BB, aged 17

A reproduction of the diary of Denys Watkins-Pitchford (BB) has just been published. BB Diary and Sketchbook 1922 is taken from a diary that the naturalist, […]
8th December 2012

Tackle, pictures and fishing trips in AMFF auction

A wealth of tackle, pictures, books, fishing days and clothing are on offer at the American Museum of Fly Fishing’s online auction. The sale, which ends […]
8th December 2012

Video of the week: 300lb marlin from a kayak

Kayak anglers, looking for ever greater challenges, are now catching marlin from their boats. The clip here shows a group of kayak anglers with two marlin […]

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