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Keith Elliott

Editor and Publisher

Editor and publisher of Classic Angling magazine. Founder member of UK Angling Writers' Association and current chairman. Former winner of Writer of the Year. I wrote a weekly angling column for The Independent for 23 years, having previously written columns for The Guardian and Sunday Mirror.

If it swims, I'll fish for it: marlin or mackerel, trout or tench, salmon or snook.

I've written several books on fishing, from one for the Duke of Edinburgh's award to the notorious Catchmore Sharks (don't look at the pictures) and Bob Nudd's autobiography, How to be the World's Best Fisherman.

I love exotic travel for fishing (been to Mongolia and Ecuador, the Great Barrier Reef and Arunachal Pradesh) and wish I could afford to do such trips more often. My favourite fish? Anything with fins, though I have a special love for mahseer, and I’m Founder and former Chairman of the Masher Trust.

Keith Elliott's Angling Blog

29th January 2013

Small-size Hardy Perfect at UK auction

A 2.75in Hardy Perfect is the highlight of Moore Allen Innocent’s sporting sale this Friday. The reel, with 1912 check mechanism, rim-mounted tensioner and a smooth […]
28th January 2013

Phone app offers sea fishing information

Anglers can now get a phone app that gives tidal information, weather forecasts, maps, fish species guides and information about bait and rigs right around the […]
28th January 2013

Trevor Champ, fish committee chairman, dies

Trevor Champ, chairman of the Irish Specimen Fish Committee, has died following a relatively short illness. A senior research scientist with the Central Fisheries Board (now […]
28th January 2013

Video of the week –fishing with hand grenades

Most of us would disapprove of fishing with hand grenades, except perhaps in a life-or-death situation. But maybe it’s not a bad thing here, because it […]
24th January 2013

Ice shelters now offer thermal linings

A new range of ice shelters made by Frabil now includes a five-wall thermal insulation. The range covers two-angler shelters up to its Headquarters model, which […]
24th January 2013

Lang’s cuts prices in its store by 20%

Lang’s has slashed prices in its annual store posting by 20% on all the remaining items. While many of the prize items have already sold, there […]
24th January 2013

In the latest issue of Classic Angling

A museum that has put 17 world record carvings up for sale, an insider’s analysis of what the future holds for Hardy and the first attempt […]
24th January 2013

£285 fines for taking crayfish

Three men have been fined £285 apiece for taking crayfish from a pond on London’s Hampstead Heath. The three East European men were caught withb two […]
20th January 2013

Win an Andrew Field float

We’re running a competition with an Andrew Field float as the top prize. His floats have sold for more than £200 and this particular one has […]

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