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Keith Elliott

Editor and Publisher

Editor and publisher of Classic Angling magazine. Founder member of UK Angling Writers' Association and current chairman. Former winner of Writer of the Year. I wrote a weekly angling column for The Independent for 23 years, having previously written columns for The Guardian and Sunday Mirror.

If it swims, I'll fish for it: marlin or mackerel, trout or tench, salmon or snook.

I've written several books on fishing, from one for the Duke of Edinburgh's award to the notorious Catchmore Sharks (don't look at the pictures) and Bob Nudd's autobiography, How to be the World's Best Fisherman.

I love exotic travel for fishing (been to Mongolia and Ecuador, the Great Barrier Reef and Arunachal Pradesh) and wish I could afford to do such trips more often. My favourite fish? Anything with fins, though I have a special love for mahseer, and I’m Founder and former Chairman of the Masher Trust.

Keith Elliott's Angling Blog

9th December 2013

A Christmas pudding or Rudolph the reindeer float

A subscription to Classic Angling is obviously the finest Christmas present you can buy for a friend or loved one. (We’ll even send a special Christmas […]
7th December 2013

Steve Wozniak aiming to catch 2000 species of fish

Steve Wozniak (not the one who co-founded Apple Computer) is aiming to catch 2000 species of fish on rod and line, and he’s now up to […]
6th December 2013

1887 Allcock catalogue comes up for auction

A very rare 1887 Allcock catalogue is on offer at an online auction.  It has 38 plates, with eight of them in colour, showing rods, reels, […]
4th December 2013

Actress poses naked with a conger

Actress Gillian Anderson poses naked with a conger eel to publicise a campaign against destructive fishing practices. The campaign, run by the charity Fishlove, aims to […]
1st December 2013

New book on GEM Skues took six years to write

A biography on the “father of nymph fishing”, GEM Skues, has just been published. It has taken Dr Tony Hayter six years to write GEM Skues, […]
30th November 2013

£13,000 paid for dead birds

A batch of of fly-tying materials set a world record at Mullock’s auction today. The top price of £13,000 (excluding 17% commission) was paid for a […]
29th November 2013

Fishing for History magazine offers great range of specialist angling topics

The best website for those interested in US-related classic tackle is undoubtedly the one run by Todd Larson at The Whitefish Press. It also publishes a […]
29th November 2013

Fish-related shaving mugs for auction in Denver

An unusual collection of fish-related shaving mugs comes up for auction in Denver, Pennsylvania, on December 6. The one illustrated is by Joseph Spiler and carries […]
28th November 2013

A very rare lure from the 1870s and a 4in double-ventilated Allcock Aerial are the highlights of a major tackle auction this weekend. The Mullock’s sale […]

Book Reviews

  • Client
    Mr Crabtree Publishing
    5th June 2017
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    Those of a certain generation grew up on Mr Crabtree. We knew the book so well that we could quote whole swathes. If someone hooked a decent fish, the response was: “Gosh, Dad. It’s going like a train!” or “Don’t stamp your feet, Peter!”
  • Client
    Calm Productions
    5th June 2017
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    A Frank Barlow story. We were fishing a match on the Trent and I was struggling, so went for a walk. Got to Frank’s peg and he was fishing a pole. This was way before using poles became standard fare, and seeing anyone using one on the Trent then was unheard of. “What’s that thing, Frank?” I asked.
  • Client
    Roseworld Productions
    13th May 2014
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    IMAGINE for a moment that you are a famous writer. How would you feel if someone published the contents of a diary that you had written, aged 17? Denys Watkins-Pitchford, affectionately known as BB, is probably quite glad that he’s no longer with us (He died in 1990.) Finding his innermost thoughts turned into a book would probably have killed him off.

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