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Keith Elliott

Editor and Publisher

Editor and publisher of Classic Angling magazine. Founder member of UK Angling Writers' Association and current chairman. Former winner of Writer of the Year. I wrote a weekly angling column for The Independent for 23 years, having previously written columns for The Guardian and Sunday Mirror.

If it swims, I'll fish for it: marlin or mackerel, trout or tench, salmon or snook.

I've written several books on fishing, from one for the Duke of Edinburgh's award to the notorious Catchmore Sharks (don't look at the pictures) and Bob Nudd's autobiography, How to be the World's Best Fisherman.

I love exotic travel for fishing (been to Mongolia and Ecuador, the Great Barrier Reef and Arunachal Pradesh) and wish I could afford to do such trips more often. My favourite fish? Anything with fins, though I have a special love for mahseer, and I’m Founder and former Chairman of the Masher Trust.

Keith Elliott's Angling Blog

10th October 2012

Video of the week

Booked a trip next year to fish for golden dorado in Uruguay with Steve Townson, who’s got some excellent fishing videos on the Amazon showing on […]
9th October 2012

Scientists may have answer to coral reef killer

Marine scientists may have found a way to deal with the dreaded crown of thorns starfish, which can destroy coral reefs. “A Crown of Thorns outbreak […]
8th October 2012

Retiring bookseller offers 30% off all his stock

David Grayling, who has run a specialist book business on fishing, hunting and shooting for the last 40 years, is retiring and clearing all his stock. […]
6th October 2012

A pet fish that never needs feeding

Imagine a pet fish that never needed feeding, and whose tank never needed cleaning. That’s what the Japanese have come up with – it’s surprisingly lifelike. […]
4th October 2012

Coming up at auction

This bone fish hook is one of several at the Artifact Company’s internet auction of Native American artifacts  on October 14.         An […]
4th October 2012

Video of the week

A new feature. Thought I’d start with a popular one that some of you may not have seen. It’s a cut above those who have had […]
2nd October 2012

Man shoots himself in the head while ‘fishing’

Proving once again that stupidity knows no bounds, an American man has shot himself in the head while “fishing” for salmon. The unnamed man, whose girlfriend […]
2nd October 2012

Ari ‘t Hart reels and Brunner rods in German auction

Some rare reels by the innovative Dutchman Ari ‘t Hart and a couple of split-cane rods by the the superb German maker Walter Brunner are among […]
1st October 2012

1891 Hardy Perfect sells for £10,500

An 1891 4.5in brass Hardy Perfect was the highlight of Angling Auctions‘ sale at Chiswick, London, on Saturday, selling for a hefty £10,500 (excluding 15% buyers’ […]

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