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Keith Elliott

Editor and Publisher

Editor and publisher of Classic Angling magazine. Founder member of UK Angling Writers' Association and current chairman. Former winner of Writer of the Year. I wrote a weekly angling column for The Independent for 23 years, having previously written columns for The Guardian and Sunday Mirror.

If it swims, I'll fish for it: marlin or mackerel, trout or tench, salmon or snook.

I've written several books on fishing, from one for the Duke of Edinburgh's award to the notorious Catchmore Sharks (don't look at the pictures) and Bob Nudd's autobiography, How to be the World's Best Fisherman.

I love exotic travel for fishing (been to Mongolia and Ecuador, the Great Barrier Reef and Arunachal Pradesh) and wish I could afford to do such trips more often. My favourite fish? Anything with fins, though I have a special love for mahseer, and I’m Founder and former Chairman of the Masher Trust.

Keith Elliott's Angling Blog

17th October 2012

Brilliant new book on floats

Anyone who’s put a float on their line will enjoy Hooked on Floats, a book being launched next month. Though it’s weighted towards the British market, […]
16th October 2012

Videos of the week

A treat for all: take a look at the entries for the 2012 annual flyfishing video awards, run by The Drake magazine. There’s some great photography […]
16th October 2012

Angling book from 1518 at Christie’s auction

One of the world’s oldest and rarest angling books comes up for sale at Christie’s on October 30. The Boke of Hawkyinge and Huntynge and Fysshynge […]
15th October 2012

Rare aluminium Edward vom Hofe reel at Lang’s auction

An Edward vom Hofe Restigouche in all-aluminium is the highlight of Lang’s next auction this Saturday and Sunday. It’s estimated at $15,000-$20,000. Other rare lots include […]
13th October 2012

Get your books signed

A new book on eels containing photos of 20lb monsters is holding a signing on November 10. The book, The Eel Angler by Barry McConnell, comes […]
11th October 2012

A 70lb salmon from the Torridge?

  A 70lb salmon? Can that be right? Nothing about such a fish in Fred Buller’s The Domesday Book of Giant Salmon, but at Kidson Triggs […]
11th October 2012

The ideal fishing boat for disputed waters

Looking for a fishing boat that will NEVER be troubled by pirates? Then pop along to Namibia on October 25, when the country’s Ministry of Works […]
10th October 2012

Scandal hits world carp champs

Anger has erupted after it was revealed that local teams at the World Carp Angling Championships enjoyed a huge advantage. The fish in Lac Corbu in […]
10th October 2012

Atlantic salmon numbers slump in Canada

The number of Atlantic salmon returning to Canadian rivers this year has slumped by as much as 60%. Returns have typically decreased from 2011 by 25-30%, […]

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