25th September 2012

Joining the Fly-Fishing Hall of Fame

Saltwater pioneer Stu Apte, author Larry Solomon, writer John McGuane and Ed Shenk, tyer and instructor, will be inducted into the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame […]
24th September 2012

Steelhead success

Top British collector Roger Still, who is fishing for steelhead in Canada, has just sent through these “Wish you were here?” pictures. Yes, we do.
24th September 2012

Angler mauled by grizzly

An angler has been attacked by a grizzly bear while salmon-fishing on the Morice river in Houston. He is undergoing intensive surgery for a missing jaw […]
23rd September 2012

‘Predator’ film wins 5-minute video contest

A brilliant piece of film about catching queenfish on fly has won this year’s The Drake contest. It’s about an Australian angler landing big queenfish on […]