20th October 2012

Marlin leaps into boat

Anglers fishing off a big-game boat in Cairns, northern Australia, came close to being skewered by a marlin when it leapt into the boat. The fish […]
17th October 2012

Brilliant new book on floats

Anyone who’s put a float on their line will enjoy Hooked on Floats, a book being launched next month. Though it’s weighted towards the British market, […]
16th October 2012

Videos of the week

A treat for all: take a look at the entries for the 2012 annual flyfishing video awards, run by The Drake magazine. There’s some great photography […]
16th October 2012

Angling book from 1518 at Christie’s auction

One of the world’s oldest and rarest angling books comes up for sale at Christie’s on October 30. The Boke of Hawkyinge and Huntynge and Fysshynge […]