17th November 2012

Sea lice killing 40% of salmon

Sea lice are causing almost half of wild salmon deaths, a report by Inland Fisheries Ireland has revealed. It is, of course, the aquaculture industry that […]
16th November 2012

Millionaire seeks site for indoor fishing ‘Centre Parcs’

Plans are underway to set up the UK’s first indoor fishery. It’s the brainchild of Simon Hughes, the man credited with creating the F1 carp, who […]
16th November 2012

The man who’s out to catch 2000 species of fish

Steve Wozniak, the man who has now caught 1155 species of fish (his next target is 2000) has a highly entertaining blog that anglers who believe […]
15th November 2012

Ultra-rare fish ‘caught’ off Mexico

One of the world’s rarest large saltwater fish, a louvar, has turned up off Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Very little is known about the pink-coloured fish, […]