11th January 2013

A rarity for Mr Crabtree fans

Two sheets of original artwork for the story of Mr Mudd the farmer, painted by Bernard Venables, come up for auction next week. The unframed water […]
11th January 2013

How NOT to hold a carp

We’ve all seen the new craze for kissing fish, but maybe this fish was wriggling away because it feared the angler was going to give it […]
10th January 2013

Largest Wye fly-caught salmon up for auction

A 52lb 8oz carved wooden salmon, caught in 1928 from the river Wye, will surely be the highlight for angling collectors at Copley’s winter auction. The fish […]
2nd January 2013

Seal swims 50 miles upriver into lake

A seal has swum more than 50 miles (80km) along a river, crossing flooded fields to end up in a land-locked lake. Anglers who fish at […]