Keith Elliott

23rd September 2012

$60,000 lure collection thief nabbed

Police have arrested a man after a huge lure collection valued at more than $60,000 was stolen in a burglary. It belonged to Greg Whitmer, whose […]
22nd September 2012

Action to cull ‘invasive’ brook trout

Thousands of brook trout are being culled at a Canadian alpine lake in a bid to save the endangered native cut-throats. The brook trout appeared at […]
22nd September 2012

Commercial fishery fined for invasive species

A commercial fishery has been fined nearly £5000 and ordered to pay £30,000 costs after checks revealed the lakes contained wels catfish and topmouth gudgeon. John and […]
20th September 2012

Thelwell exhibition features fishing cartoons

Cartoons like this one are among an exhibition of Norman Thelwell’s work that opens on September 25. It takes place at the Chris Beetles Gallery in […]