Keith Elliott

27th September 2012

400ft abseil down cliffs – just to go fishing

A group of extreme anglers are regularly making a terrifying climb down a 400ft cliff face to go fishing The men, all members of Whitby Sea […]
27th September 2012

Man faces jail for selling invasive fish

A man who sold live Asian carp in a state where the fish are threatening a $7 billion industry is facing a jail sentence. Proving once […]
26th September 2012

Cats get the cream in seafood catches

Cats in Australia eat 33,500 tonnes of seafood a year – more than double the amount landed annually by the country’s  southern-east trawl fishery. The revelation comes […]
25th September 2012

More than 100 cased fish for sale

This superb golden orfe mounted by the London taxidermist William Homer is one of more than 100 quality cased fish that are for sale at Fisherman’s […]