Keith Elliott

10th October 2012

Scandal hits world carp champs

Anger has erupted after it was revealed that local teams at the World Carp Angling Championships enjoyed a huge advantage. The fish in Lac Corbu in […]
10th October 2012

Atlantic salmon numbers slump in Canada

The number of Atlantic salmon returning to Canadian rivers this year has slumped by as much as 60%. Returns have typically decreased from 2011 by 25-30%, […]
10th October 2012

Video of the week

Booked a trip next year to fish for golden dorado in Uruguay with Steve Townson, who’s got some excellent fishing videos on the Amazon showing on […]
9th October 2012

Scientists may have answer to coral reef killer

Marine scientists may have found a way to deal with the dreaded crown of thorns starfish, which can destroy coral reefs. “A Crown of Thorns outbreak […]