Keith Elliott

31st October 2012

Early fishing book sells for £160,000

One of fishing’s earliest works, the 1518 second edition of The Boke of Hawkyinge and Huntynge and Fysshynge, published in London by Wynkyn de Worde, has […]
31st October 2012

Earliest fossil flying fish discovered

Flying fish fossils that date back to the Middle Triassic period, 235-242 million years ago have been discovered by Chinese researchers. The fossils, which provide the […]
24th October 2012

Exclusive on UK angling museum

The new issue of Classic Angling will have an exclusive story about plans for a UK angling museum, plus another story you won’t have read elsewhere […]
23rd October 2012

Hardy’s up for sale

Hardy & Greys is up for sale. The world’s most famous tackle company is seeking a new owner “following a strategic review of the business that […]