Keith Elliott

7th December 2013

Steve Wozniak aiming to catch 2000 species of fish

Steve Wozniak (not the one who co-founded Apple Computer) is aiming to catch 2000 species of fish on rod and line, and he’s now up to […]
6th December 2013

1887 Allcock catalogue comes up for auction

A very rare 1887 Allcock catalogue is on offer at an online auction.  It has 38 plates, with eight of them in colour, showing rods, reels, […]
4th December 2013

Actress poses naked with a conger

Actress Gillian Anderson poses naked with a conger eel to publicise a campaign against destructive fishing practices. The campaign, run by the charity Fishlove, aims to […]
1st December 2013

New book on GEM Skues took six years to write

A biography on the “father of nymph fishing”, GEM Skues, has just been published. It has taken Dr Tony Hayter six years to write GEM Skues, […]