Keith Elliott

17th December 2013

Catching fish in the sewers

A teenager claims to have invented a new sport: sewer fishing. Kyle Naegeli of Texas appears on a Youtube video catching catfish and bluegills from the […]
11th December 2013

Australia sets up sharks’ kill zone

Kill zones with baited lines targeting large sharks such as great whites are being set up in Western Australia. The state government is to hire professional […]
10th December 2013

How not to unhook a tiger shark

Unhooking a tiger shark is a job best left to those experienced at dealing with one of the sea’s most feared predators, but the fish’s formidable […]
9th December 2013

A Christmas pudding or Rudolph the reindeer float

A subscription to Classic Angling is obviously the finest Christmas present you can buy for a friend or loved one. (We’ll even send a special Christmas […]