Keith Elliott

18th January 2013

Dog sorts out catfish

This fine picture of a terrier with a catfish big enough to gulp down the dog as a snack appears on the Facebook site of German […]
14th January 2013

This double-figure pike bit off more than it could chew when it grabbed a large zander. The pike was found dead on a Dutch lake with […]
12th January 2013

Skeet Reese with big golden dorado

Skeet Reese, one of the world’s finest bass anglers, looks happy enough with a huge golden dorado, an even more aggressive species than the largemouths he’s […]
11th January 2013

Lang’s store proves big success

Motre than 50% of the items in Lang’s Store’s latest posting had sold within 24 hours of appearing. Hundreds of lots were listed, included Abu reels, […]