30th November 2013

£13,000 paid for dead birds

A batch of of fly-tying materials set a world record at Mullock’s auction today. The top price of £13,000 (excluding 17% commission) was paid for a […]
29th November 2013

Fishing for History magazine offers great range of specialist angling topics

The best website for those interested in US-related classic tackle is undoubtedly the one run by Todd Larson at The Whitefish Press. It also publishes a […]
29th November 2013

Fish-related shaving mugs for auction in Denver

An unusual collection of fish-related shaving mugs comes up for auction in Denver, Pennsylvania, on December 6. The one illustrated is by Joseph Spiler and carries […]
28th November 2013

A very rare lure from the 1870s and a 4in double-ventilated Allcock Aerial are the highlights of a major tackle auction this weekend. The Mullock’s sale […]