29th January 2013

Small-size Hardy Perfect at UK auction

A 2.75in Hardy Perfect is the highlight of Moore Allen Innocent’s sporting sale this Friday. The reel, with 1912 check mechanism, rim-mounted tensioner and a smooth […]
28th January 2013

Phone app offers sea fishing information

Anglers can now get a phone app that gives tidal information, weather forecasts, maps, fish species guides and information about bait and rigs right around the […]
28th January 2013

Trevor Champ, fish committee chairman, dies

Trevor Champ, chairman of the Irish Specimen Fish Committee, has died following a relatively short illness. A senior research scientist with the Central Fisheries Board (now […]
28th January 2013

Video of the week –fishing with hand grenades

Most of us would disapprove of fishing with hand grenades, except perhaps in a life-or-death situation. But maybe it’s not a bad thing here, because it […]